Are Li Wenliang a martyr?Absolutely not!

Dr Li Wenliang, 33, died in a hospital in Wuhan.

He was one of eight people who tried to warn about coronavirus when it first emerged in Wuhan, but was reprimanded by local police.

While he was being lamented, a few of the most stridently dressed him up in a political direction, calling him “dying for freedom” and trying to portray him as an “anti-system” symbol.

I want to say that’s not the real li wenliang.

Li wenliang, a communist party member, once said in the WeChat group that he would answer the call of “communists first” once cured, and return to the frontline of the fight against the epidemic.

His micro blog also shows his outlook. He reposted the five-starred red flag on his microblog more than once, and took an active part in the online “China fans” solitaire for the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China.

We should pay deep respect to li wenliang, and at the same time we should reflect.

The basic principle in this process is to seek truth from facts.

These reflections and improvements, as well as the determination to win the epidemic counter-attack, are a consolation to li wenliang, while labeling him as “li wenliang the rebel” or even “li wenliang the martyr” is an alienation and malicious consumption of his heroic image.

We want to restore a real Li Wenliang. I would like to conclude by saying that Li Wenliang is not gone. He is continuing to fight with us.

Here are the support for him from the people around the world.


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